Horoscope and Biorhythm Free 1.0

Horoscope and Biorhythm Free 1.0


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Biorhythm is an necessity iPhone app that enables us to view our biorhythm we are familiar with anytime.
various information associated with Biorhythm and Horoscope

Biorhythm means regular four cycles of physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive that a person has.
This is based on the theory of a German doctor, William Fliess, in the 19th century.
A person has four cycles repeating periodically from birthday, the number of days to repeat the four cycles and calculation methods are as follows.

d = Survival days
- Physical: sin(2? d / 23)
- Emotional: sin(2? d / 28)
- Intellectual: sin(2? d / 33)
- Intuitive: sin(2? d / 38)

Each cycle's value is expressed with a value between the minimum, -100 and the maximum, 100.
In terms of the value, from -100 to -1 is called a low phase, and from 1 to 100 is called a high phase.
The day at the point of 0 where a low phase turns a high phase or a high phase turns a low phase is called a dangerous day.

* Functions
# Biorhythm
- a lot of families and friend, etc. can register.
- one month ,two months, three months, five months, 1 year optional diplay.
- Physical Critical days, Intelletual Critical days, Emotional Critical days, All Critical days reported.
- scroll and touch graph diplay.
- Biorhythm Infomation.

# Today's Lucky infomation display
- Today's number
- Today's color
- Today's direction
- Today's place

# Horoscope
- Calculate your sign
- Lucky Day information
- Lucky Number information
- Lucky Color information
- Lucky Stone information
- Lucky Talisman information
- Health ,BeautyScope ,Food, Habits, Positive , Negative etc.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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